IVS In-Store Library

Where else but at Indian Valley Scuba can a diver, snorkeler or adventurer find a treasure trove of fun, informative books, manuals, and DVD's, all available to enjoy in the comfort of their own home, for FREE?  The staff at IVS has put together a growing collection of items that have one purpose only - to further the knowledge, skills, safety and even laughter for our friends! 

How does this work, you are thinking?  Is Dave off his rocker?  No, not hardly - we get so many requests for books or manuals to take home to read or study that we decided to go ahead and just create a lending library for our customers, so they can have access to a wide variety of media, including textbooks, manuals, DVD's, training videos, and more.  And the best part of this deal is the cost - FREE!  Yes, that's right, just come on in, sign out what you want, and keep it for up to 7 days.  A credit card on file is all we need to guarantee the timely return of the item, or your purchase of it! 

Click here to see what we have so far.  Check back often as this list continues to grow and be updated.    

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