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Equipment Repair Menu & Pricing


Annual Overhaul or Service (parts not included) First stage, second stage & octopus $90.00
First & second stage only $65.00
Octopus or Air2 style $35.00
Regulator Oxygen Cleaning (parts not included) With Annual service $25.00
Oxygen cleaning only $40.00
Spare Air or Odyssey Units (parts not included) $30.00


Gauges/Dive Computers

Chamber Testing (non-air integrated models only)

Computer Battery Replacement (parts not included) $15.00
High Pressure Spool Service (parts not included) $10.00



Annual Servicing or Repair
(parts additional if required)
Includes internal rinsing & bacterial wash, inspection, inflator valve lubrication & testing $25.00
Inflator Hose Replacement or Installation (parts not included) $15.00


Dry Suit Repairs

Wrist seals Standard Latex Seals - remove & replace pair $95
SiTech® Silicon Replacement Seals - remove & replace $95
SiTech® Quick Cuff Ring System Install - includes Ring System $130
Neck & Ankle seals Standard Latex Seals - remove & replace $120
SiTech® Silicon Replacement Seal - remove & replace $175
SiTech® Neck-Tite Ring Set Installation - includes Ring Set $250
Ankle Seals Standard Latex Seals - remove & replace pair $130
Neoprene Socks Remove and replace pair
[parts additonal]
Hard Boots Remove and replace pair
[parts additonal]
Standard Zipper Standard Zipper - remove & replace $290
Relief Zipper - remove & replace $270
Valves Inlet or Exhaust Valve - remove & replace
[parts additional]
P-valve / She-P valve Installation
[parts additional]
Pocket Installation Any Size, Any Place
[parts additional]
Leak Testing Any Brand Suit $75
Other Repair Services Custom repairs, other services not listed above $60/hour


Other Services

Service Technician Labor Only $60/hour