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Scuba Boy Scouts of America Program

Indian Valley Scuba is proud to offer Scouts an opportunity to participate in the Scuba BSA experience, for qualified Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and Scouters.

Scuba BSA introduces qualified Boy Scout, Venturing, and registered adult participants to the special skills, equipment, and safety precautions associated with scuba diving, encourages aquatics activities that promote fitness and recreation, and provides a foundation for those who later will participate in more advanced underwater activity.

The Scuba BSA experience contains two parts— Knowledge Development and Water Skills Development. During the first part, participants learn basic dive safety information and overview skills to be used during their water experience. The Water Skills Development session introduces essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing, and alternate air source use.

The Knowledge Development is held in our classroom facilities, and the Water Skills Development portion of the program is scheduled at a local YMCA or other available pool. Upon request, it may be conducted at a similar location of your choosing.

The Scuba BSA program is a SCUBA experience, not a certification program and thus you are not certified to dive after this program, however, if you're a Varsity or Venturing Scout over 14 years old and choose to go on to an Open Water certification program after this, you may receive credit for the skills you learned in this program.

Classes conducted year-round,
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