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Coral RestorationCoral Restoration Programs

IVS “gives back to the reef” to work with our friends from the Coral Restoration Foundation. We start the mission off with a great briefing from Ken Nedimeyer, the founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation. Man this guy knows his corals! We go through Coral 101, and then onto what we will be accomplishing at Ken’s underwater nursery, home to over 4,000 live corals that he and the CRF staff have been nurturing and growing for the past five years.

Learn more about the exciting work done by the Coral Restoration Foundation HERE



REEF logoMaking Fish Count
– Fish Surveys with R.E.E.F.

The Reef Environmental Education Foundation [R.E.E.F.] is a grass-roots organization that seeks to conserve marine ecosystems by educating, enlisting and enabling divers and other marine enthusiasts to become active ocean stewards and citizen scientists.