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There is no joy greater than sharing the magic & beauty of the underwater world with those less than able around us. IVS has handicapped training programs for divers, non-divers and professionals alike.

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Adaptive DSD

A unique program developed to introduce the scuba experience to non-certified special needs participants meeting minimum age and health requirements. This program is conducted in a pool only.

Advanced Adaptive DSD

Indian Valley Scuba’s Advanced Adaptive Discover Scuba Diving program allows qualified individuals to expand the scuba experience from the pool to an actual open water dive. Designed for non-certified special needs participants meeting minimum age and health requirements. Instructor discretion applies.

Surface Support Partner

Designed for participants who choose to not enter the water or otherwise do not meet the requirements for in-water training, this program provides an opportunity for participation as a surface support partner, assisting with logistics, gear handling, and other important duties to support divers in the water.

Adaptive Confined Water Diver

Confined Water Diver is a certification level for use in pools only. This certification is for those who enjoy the challenge, exercise & fun of scuba diving but are unable or do not desire to explore the open water.



Adaptive Sport Diver

The IAHD Sport Diver course provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and skill required to dive safely in an open water environment under the direct supervision of an IAHD-certified Scuba Instructor. Sport Divers may dive to a maximum depth of 40 feet.

Adaptive Open Water Diver

The IAHD Open Water program is supported by the PADI system of diver education. We follow the standard PADI format, through academics, confined water, and the open water checkout dives. The key difference being that the diver is unable to comply 100% with PADI standards, and as such cannot qualify for a PADI certification. However, that does not mean the diver cannot dive; it means that the diver can in fact dive, and dive well, provided that additional IAHD-certified divers, qualified as IAHD Dive Partners, accompany the Open Water Diver.

Adaptive Advanced Open Water Diver

During the Advanced Open Water Diver Course the certified Open Water Diver will learn more diving skills. The course focuses on open water dives and only short sessions of academics. A minimum of 5 dives are required before certification. There are no compulsory dives. Together with your Instructor you can make your own program. The same Dive Partner level designation applies as in the Open Water diver program.

Dive Partner

The first level of dive partner training focuses primarily on the logistics and support that a trained IAHD Dive Partner can provide. From assisting and supporting, confined water training session support, to escorting IAHD divers on Open Water dives, the role that a Dive Partner fills is key to the overall effectiveness of diver training through the IAHD system.

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