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This is where it all begins! From Open Water through Master Scuba Diver, our recreational diver programs run 52 weeks a year. And where else can you plan on tropical checkout dive trips every month?

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Discover Scuba Diving

A program designed to introduce the scuba experience to non-certified participants meeting minimum age and health requirements. This may be conducted in a pool or confined water, and if certain conditions are met, may be expanded to include an actual open water dive.

PADI Open Water +PLUS!

Standard at IVS, our enhanced Open Water program is the complete standard PADI open water diver certification program with the addition of two more open water dives, and the completion of the Peak Performance Buoyancy and Aware Coral Reef Conservation specialty academics and waterskills.

Advanced Open Water +PLUS!

The IVS Advanced Open Water Plus program provides divers with a structured means to explore special diving interests and gain dive experience after the Open Water certification. Our program includes the complete standard PADI Adventure Diver & Advanced Open Water Diver certification programs that include 5 Adventure dives including one Deep and one Navigation Dive.  The IVS program is enhanced with the addition of 1 more Adventure Dive (for a total of 6) and includes the completion of the Surface Marker Buoy Diver distinctive specialty rating.

Rescue Diver +PLUS!

Recognition of a potential dive accident is the main focus of this course. This program makes the subject of accident prevention and management interesting, challenging and extremely rewarding. The focus is on both self-rescue techniques and assisting others in the prevention of dive emergencies, and how to best respond in the event of an emergency. The Rescue Diver course is perfect for any diver who plans to dive with family members or friends or those that want to sharpen their dive skills and help other divers. It will also prepare the diver for accident prevention and the application of rescue techniques and skills in diving.

PADI Scuba Tune-up / Scuba Refresher

Every diver needs to stay on top of their skills and training to be comfortable, safe & confident in the water. Certified divers who have not been diving in a while can participate in this Scuba Review program and work with an IVS instructor to review academic material, dive knowledge, and confined water skills. An optional open water dive may be included.

Master Scuba Diver

This certification is recognition to divers who have reached the pinnacle of recreational scuba certifications. Educational advancement including Rescue Diver, a minimum of 50 logged dives, and completion of five specialty certifications are required to earn this rating.

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