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Being deliberately different is not just something IVS does “on purpose,” being deliberately different is our purpose…and our mission. At IVS our goal is to make every dive an exceptional dive experience, and every diver an exceptional diver. Whether it’s your first taste of scuba or the trip of a lifetime, at IVS nothing is more important than that experience. Bringing you the magic of the undersea world 365 days a year; at home and abroad, depends on people who share a passion and dedication to their divers’ safety, convenience and adventure that many will claim but few can demonstrate. At IVS it starts with expertise: our divers deserve the most qualified instructors and staff in and out of the water. Whether you are looking for training, gear, dive travel, or just great dive buddies, Team IVS is ready!

Why Indian Valley Scuba?

Experience – Convenience – Safety – Fun …

With over 30 years of diving and teaching experience, you can count on Indian Valley Scuba to provide you with extraordinary scuba instruction and dive experiences, for every level of diver. With multiple locations and an extensive array of educational opportunities to choose from, IVS is your source for quality training, travel, equipment, service and scuba activities for enthusiasts of ages.

Ready to start diving? We conduct our open water programs year round at area YMCA’s, athletic clubs and schools. With heated indoor pools and dedicated classrooms, our programs address all aspects of diving, both local and at exotic locations. With over 500 classes offered each year, it’s never a problem to find a class that fits your schedule. And, since many of our classes run in sequence, students that miss a class at one facility can simply join us at another that same week and stay on track with the program. Check out dives are never a problem, as Team IVS travels to the tropics for warm-water diving 12 months a year!

Already certified and yearning to learn more? The Indian Valley Scuba continuing education program ranks in the top 1% of all dive centers world-wide. We share our knowledge and passion for diving in a fun and friendly atmosphere, constantly reinforcing safety and environmental awareness in every program. From core certifications, to specialties, to first aid and non-diving programs, technical diving and all the way through instructor-level professional training, the staff at Indian Valley Scuba strives to bring out the best in every student, helping them achieve their goals and exceed their personal expectations. It’s no wonder why so many of our students return again and again to continue furthering their diving prowess.

Our instructors and qualified assistants are trained under the guidelines of internationally recognized certification agencies. On-going in-house staff training programs, and the benefits gained from our range of educational experience, allow us to constantly evolve our standards and methods to meet or exceed the industry standards in every area.

Read more about IVS and our mission to dive and teach in PADI’s The Undersea Journal.

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