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Full Face Mask Diver Specialty


Who benefits from using a Full Face Mask? Everyone, for one reason or another! First, the panoramic view can't be beat by any mask. Second, the self-cleaning non-fogging features of a FFM ensures clear views regardless of the water temperatures or how good a job one did during the de-fog application. Next, the enhanced jaw comfort from not biting down on a mouthpiece throughout your dive is a savior to many, especially those who suffer from TMJ Syndrome. Also, the ability to freely breathe from either mouth or nose adds to the comfort as well.

Adding the communications option prepares any diver for entry into the Public Safety Diver pathway. Divers need to own their own comm units or rent a FFM w/Comm's from IVS in order to complete this added feature of the program.

Program #


Course Fee


Certification Agency
  • PADI
  • SDI

Full Face Mask Diver Specialty


Open Water certified - any agency

Minimum Age


Materials Included in Course Fee


Required Student Materials/Equipment

Full Face Mask - Neptune, Ocean Reef or AGA - diver-owned or rented from IVS
Second Stage Low Pressure Hose
Back-up Standard Regulator or Octo
Back-up mask
Pocket to store back-up mask

Required Administrative Items
  • Divers Medical Questionnaire
  • IVS Model Release
  • PADI Continuing Education Administrative Document
  • PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk
  • PADI Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks Acknowledgment
  • Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
Classroom Sessions


Pool/Confined Sessions


Open Water Sessions




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