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Advanced Open Water +PLUS!

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So you've learned to dive and earned your Entry Level certification - Congratulations! You have truly earned the right to be called a Scuba Diver and have completed the first important step towards a lifetime of underwater adventures!
Now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to turn our focus ‘outward’, and expand our diving skills, knowledge, and experiences! Indian Valley’s exclusive PADI Advanced Open Water +Plus! Certification is the perfect next step in helping you to truly embrace this amazing sport, with the confidence to safely and sanely plan, and execute, dives that require a bit more thinking, but of course which are all that much more rewarding. Deep shipwrecks, diving after dark, drift diving in strong currents, offshore adventures - just a few examples of what IVS's program prepares you for. Our course far exceeds the industries minimum requirements, and includes a full academic session, where we cover a multitude of different aspects of diving beyond Open Water. After that, it’s time to get wet – and we’ll make a minimum of six adventure dives to complete the course. These include the mandatory Deep and Underwater Navigation dives, plus three additional adventure dives of your choosing, and an additional IVS-exclusive - your DSMB Deployment Specialty dives - one of the most important skills for diver safety and comfortable ascents from any depth, in any conditions. The PADI SMB Distinctive Specialty is designed to ensure your proficiency with safely deploying your surface marker buoy from depth as appropriate for drift diving and extended or decompression dives. So, upon completing this course, you’ll earn three PADI certifications – Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and SMB Specialty Diver - all of this is included in IVS’s PADI Advanced Open Water +Plus! Program. And yes, there’s more - your adventure dives also count as the first required dive for each of the specialty certifications associated with that dive, helping you on your way to earning your PADI Master Diver certification, the highest recreational certification in the industry!
And for an even greater value, enroll in IVS's EAN/Nitrox class or our Drysuit Diver class at the same time, and save $$!

Program #


Course Fee


Certification Agency
  • PADI

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Adventure Diver, & PADI SMB Distinctive Specialty Diver


Open Water Certification (any agency)

Minimum Age


Materials Included in Course Fee


Required Student Materials/Equipment

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual
Advanced Open Water Gear Set-up

Required Administrative Items
  • Divers Medical Questionnaire
  • IVS Advanced Diving Equipment for Advanced Diving Courses
  • IVS Model Release
  • PADI Continuing Education Administrative Document
  • PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk
  • Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
Classroom Sessions

1 (3 hours)

Pool/Confined Sessions

Optional Pool Skills Refresher

Open Water Sessions

Six Dives conducted over Two Days


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