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Advanced Open Water +PLUS!

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Once you’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to turn our focus ‘outward’, and expand our diving skills, knowledge, and experiences! Indian Valley’s exclusive PADI Advanced Open Water +Plus! Certification far exceeds the industry's minimum requirement and includes a comprehensive evening of academics in the classroom, covering multiple different aspects of diving beyond Open Water, plus a minimum of six adventure dives. These include the mandatory Deep, Underwater Navigation, and SMB Deployment dives, plus three additional adventure dives of your choosing.

DSMB - Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Specialty


Drift diving, deep diving, surfacing in an area of boating traffic, or navigation-gone-wrong ascents - all perfectly sound and solid reasons to make your imminent presence known by sending up a highly visible marker buoy to alert others of your ascent. This class is just the ticket to learning how to select a DSMB and Finger Spool, store them on your kit, deploy them in a safe manner, and utilize them for your ascent. You'll be amazed how often you decide to employ your DSMB on your dives once you've been properly trained!


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