The Diving, and the Adventure:

This trip exemplifies Indian Valley Scuba’s tagline – ‘deliberately different’ – to a tee.  In one short week, we’ll shore dive, boat dive, drift dive, wreck dive, shark dive, lobster dive, night dive, and more.  And during the week, we’ll catch our own meal, enjoy a lobster fest and BBQ, lounge around our pool and fire pit, enjoy in-house games of skill including pool and fussball, make new friends, and have a blast.

This trip is perfect for completing your Open Water Checkout Dives, Advanced Open Water or Specialty Dives, recreational diving, hunting or just having an amazing time in the Sunshine State. 

Soooo, what’s the diving like, you ask?  Well just about every dive magazine you pick up, or look at online, will inevitably have a story about “The Best Places to Dive”.  One of those places, so close to home and easy to get to, is the southeast corner of Florida, specifically, the Blue Heron Bridge.  Ranked as one of the top shore diving sites in the U.S., the waters that flow under the bridge provide homes for an amazing variety of critters, large, small and tiny.  While more tending to be towards the smaller side (no Goliath Groupers or Whale Sharks here!) the array of colors, shapes, and designs will truly blow you away.  Tropicals of all sorts, juveniles, crustaceans, nudibranchs, frogfish, squid, octopus, rays, – you name it, you have a great chance of finding it here.  Along with a few dozen shopping carts and the other inevitable bits of man-made ‘reef’ structures that somehow manage to fall into the water, but today they are providing homes and hideaways for all sorts of critters. With a maximum depth of about 20 feet, you’ll get about two hours of bottom time off an 80 CF tank, so you certainly won’t run out of time on your dives.  Entry is as easy as walking down the beach, parking is nearby, and the locals tend to be pretty friendly and helpful.

And while we are in the area, we’ll also dive some of the beautiful and accessible offshore reefs and wrecks along the Boca Raton coastline.  Every morning we start with a 2-tank a.m. boat trip each day aboard the Dive Boat Diversity, to dive some of the healthy reefs and wrecks that litter the area near Deerfield Beach and the Boca Inlet. 

Wednesday is the opening of Florida’s Sport Lobster Season, two days dedicated to recreational divers only, and we’ll be part of that bunch as we try our hands at enticing some of these delicious little critters into our catch bags!  We’ve got morning and afternoon dives planned both those days, so we’re pretty likely to have enough to eat and then some at our Lobster Fest on Thursday evening.  And for those who don’t enjoy crustaceans, we’ll be cooking up a southern barbecue too.  You’ll need your hunting license for this so call the shop for info on how to obtain one.

Friday we finish up the week of diving with a most exciting day on (and under) the water, as we head out of Jupiter to feed the sharks and be absolutely blown away as they swoop in and out around us, grabbing meals offered by our guide, and posing for some amazing photo opportunities as well.   

Saturday morning it’s hugs and goodbyes, the inevitable exchanging of phone numbers and email addresses, and the start of plans for our next dives together.    

The Lodging:

Our accommodations for this trip will be a private rented villa that’ll ft the group comfortably and in style, with really nice rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, nice property, and more.  There are plenty of local markets to grab some eats for the week, and plenty of room to store them in the fridge, so no need to spend much $$ eating out each night (although that’s certainly an option!). 

Fly into Fort Lauderdale, Miami or West Palm Beach, wherever you get the best airfare, and join us for this fun, laid back and excitingly different diving opportunity!

This trip is offered in two parts.  Part I runs July 23-27, and includes shore and boat diving Saturday through Tuesday.  Perfect for checkout dives, and as a warmup for the second half of this adventure.  Part II is where we ramp it up a bit, with two full days of lobster hunting, followed by another full day of shark diving.  You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!  

Each part of the trip is $899, but join us for both, and get a $200 IVS Gift Card to use towards gear, training or another trip in the future with us!

Downloadable Trip Flyer:  Florida – Blue Heron & Boca Raton & Lobster & Sharks July 2022


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