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Deep Diver


Designed to introduce the diver to safely exploring the depths beyond open water limits and to provide the knowledge, skills & techniques to safely participate in deep diving activities to 130 ft, the recreational limit.

Wreck Diver


Ready to venture off the beaten path of shallow reef diving? The ocean, as well as the lakes and rivers we visit, is teeming with fine examples of maritime construction that for one reason or the other, is not afloat today. The Wreck Diver program is your entryway into safely exploring these manmade treasures lurking beneath the waves. The course is designed to familiarize divers with the skills and knowledge to explore wrecks safely in a variety of conditions with an emphasis on fun and safety.

Night Diver


This course is designed to be an introduction to night diving and to help the student diver develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for safely executing dives after dark.

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