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On nearly every divers ‘bucket list’ is the opportunity to dive with whale sharks – one of the largest creatures in the sea.  And the closer you get, even more awesome is that opportunity.  And you often have to travel far, pray for decent visibility, and keep your fingers crossed for the right conditions, to hopefully get lucky and see one of these huge, beautiful and majestic animals.

Well how about a chance to dive where the conditions are always perfect, where the seas are always calm, and where you are guaranteed to dive up close and personal with not one, but four whale sharks?  Join us for our annual club trip to the home of the worlds largest fish tank, the Georgia Aquarium.  We have rented out the entire exhibit for the day, and will have the chance for 16 lucky divers to get in and spend 45 minutes or so with thousands of marine animals, from grunts and groupers, to swooping manta rays, toothy sharks, sea turtles, and of course, whale sharks – four of them!  Our group also enjoys some awesome ‘back-stage’ tours of the things that make the aquarium tick, and guided tours to front row viewing spots for all our activities.  And ask anyone who has done it – there’s nothing as fun as playing ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ with a couple of wide-eyed five year olds as they stare with sheer amazement at the cool diver in the tank!

Plus, for a slight additional fee, you can earn your Whale Shark Distinctive Specialty certification, and get extended time in the water with these Gentle Giants – well worth it indeed.  You can also optionally complete the dives using the latest Poseidon Rebreathers, and hit two birds off your bucket list with the same stone!

This is a dive club sponsored trip, and as such, only includes the dive and aquarium entrance fees.  Lodging and transportation is on your own, although most of us stay at one of the two hotels located adjacent to the aquarium.  And of course, we gather together for snacks on Friday evening, dinner on Saturday at a famous southern eater, Pitty Pats, and finally spend the day on Sunday visiting the Coca Cola Museum, CNN’s Headquarters, or any of the other great sites located right next to the aquarium in Olympic Park, before heading to the airport and home.  Get down there early on Friday and visit one of the coolest areas of Atlanta, the Underground!  Lots to see and do, and very little cost to do it!

Downloable Trip Flyer:  2019 – Indian Valley Divers Georgia Aquarium Trip Flyer

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