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Like your technical diving in a slightly warmer climate? This trip is a deeper, darker twist on Indian Valley Scuba-™s -˜signature-™ Florida Keys experience, with all the fun, adventure and safety you’ve come to expect on any IVS expedition. Each trip is an IVS-exclusive, with multiple days of progressive technical exploration planned. Perfect for those new to technical diving, as well as seasoned veterans.  This trip is offered multiple times throughout the year.

$ 999 per person shared occupancy

Trip includes:

  • 5 nights shared occupancy room accommodations
  • 4 days of technical diving.  Total number of dives depends on the profiles selected and sites, however, we generally plan to conduct two to three dives per day
  • Optional night dive (additional fees apply)
  • Tanks, fills & weights are not included in the trip price
  • Equipment rental is available through Indian Valley Scuba. Please contact IVS to arrange
  • Continuing education and additional certifications are offered on this trip. Call the shop for details

Training offered on this trip:

  • Technical Diver certification dives
  • Backmount or Sidemount 
  • Solo Diver
  • Technical Dive Team development
  • Other selected Continuing Education Specialties – Wreck, Deep, U/W Navigation, and more!

The Lodging

We will choose our lodging based on our dive plans for this trip.  We have used a number of excellent hotel choices over the years along the Keys.  Generally, each room will be double occupancy, with standard amenities (A/C, fans, pool, TV, wifi, etc).

The Diving

We will use several different operators during the course of this week’s trip, and the final selection of operators and dive sites will be based on the makeup of the participants and our goals. Depending on a number of variables, our trip may include dives on any of the following sites:

  • Vandenberg (max depth 150 ft)
  • Curb (max depth 185 ft)
  • Wilkes Barre (max depth 250 ft)
  • Spiegel Grove (140 ft max)
  • Northern Light (190 ft max)
  • Queen of Nassau (220 ft max)
  • Doc de Mille (150 ft max)
  • Duane / Bibb (125 ft max)
  • Other selected sites may be considered, depending on the group, weather and other variables

Each dive site will be selected ahead of time, allowing time for proper planning, gas selection and blending, equipment considerations, and dive planning.  This is a team-centric program, so participants will work together to best plan, and execute, dives that incorporate safety and the well-being of each member above all else.  Mission is secondary to safety.  No solo diving is allowed on our technical trips.  IVS has decades of experience diving these wrecks and working with the best operators in the area, all of which help ensure the best experience for our divers, along with the very best in safety and service for our Indian Valley Scuba divers.

One of our primary focuses will be on the development of the technical dive team mentality, how we apply this to our dive planning, and how we implement it during the execution of our dives.  Our goal is to not only provide the opportunity for great diving experiences but also to nurture the development of each diver as an individual, as well as a team member. 

DAN Guardian Insurance is required for this trip.  Contact the shop for additional details. 


  • Flight costs -“ unless otherwise noted. Call the shop for flight suggestions.
  • Optional adventure activities & tours-“ including costs for optional night dive, nitrox, and larger cylinders
  • Misc. trip costs -“ Additional meals, checked bag fees (if applicable), equipment rental, departure taxes/fees
  • Travel & Dive insurance -“ both highly recommended for this trip. Call the shop for details
  • Equipment rental is not included in package pricing


Refund policy and customer responsibilities

  • No refund or credit will be made on any payments
  • No refund or credit will be made for any activities or lodging not used by the customer by choice or due to inclement weather
  • Any payment made to Indian Valley Travel (IVT) or Indian Valley Scuba (IVS) indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions
  • IVT or IVS shall not, at any time, be responsible in any way for loss, injury, or damage arising from any causes beyond its control including but not limited to theft, cancellation, regulations or illness
  • IVT or IVS accepts no liability for the consequences of personal activity by any customer
  • The customer will be responsible for concerns of health, fitness to participate and personal safety
  • IVT or IVS reserves the right, without notice, to make changes and/or cancellations, as it deems necessary
  • Customers have the sole responsibility of ensuring their compliance with all immigration laws of the United States & the destination countries
  • No changes to the trip as shown and no refunds will be granted for unused services.

Payment Schedule

Securing your trip reservation

  • $500 non-refundable deposit per person is required at time of reservation
  • Balance due 60 days prior to departure date

Downloadable Trip Flyer: Florida Keys – Tec Wreck Trek – Dec 2020

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