1 Day/1 Night Special Trip

Just south of the -˜Graveyard of the Atlantic-™, lies an electro-magnetic anomaly that for hundreds of years attracted prehistoric sharks to come spend their last days in the area.  And as these toothy Megalodon sharks died and came to rest on the bottom, there were plenty of predators present to feast on their massive bodies.  But one part that never got eaten was their teeth!  Over the years, they have survived the test of time and thru the magic of the ion-transfer process, these gleaming white enamel wonders have changed into beautiful black trophies waiting for IVS divers to find!   This is a special one-day trip, just before our 4-day NC weekend, and we welcome divers to join us as we search for teeth offshore. 

We are diving with Blackbeards Scuba in Southport, NC, and accommodations will be at the Hampton Inn, located a short distance from the dive center.  The accommodations are nice, clean, and comforting, with twin beds, air conditioning, and bath.  Plus a great socializing area on the deck at the pool.


North Carolina offers amazing diving for divers of all levels.  For our trip, we’ll be heading offshore to deeper water (90 to 120 ft) for our dives on the Megalodon Ledge, and then we’ll follow that up with some slightly shallower dives on the wrecks in the area.  Remember, it’s North Carolina, so we’ll have longer boat rides, sometimes tricky weather, and greater depths than many other destinations. Advanced Open Water diver is the minimum certification rating for participants on this trip.

And just like all our dives in North Carolina, each experience is different but wonderful.  The natural and artificial reefs evoke compelling stories of navigational feats and wartime patrols. These shipwrecks-”all part of the Graveyard of the Atlantic-”constitute an unparalleled symbolic collection of our maritime history.

And the fish! Unlike the sedate suburban sprawl of coral reefs, each shipwreck is its own ecological metropolis, a bustling urban center emerging from a vast sandy plain where animals come to eat, breed, and seek protection from predators. On any given dive you-™ll see members from each link of the marine food chain-”and you-™ll see them in astounding numbers, from sponges and coral up to loads of amazing sand tiger sharks. Patrolling pelagic feed on giant schools of baitfish as huge turtles and rays glide along the bottom and colorful reef fish contrast against the scattered debris.  And look under the bits of wreckage for the elusive Atlantic Toadfish and octopus who like to hide there.

On that perfect day, when the sun is shining, the seas are calm, and the warm, clear water of the Gulf Stream provides almost unlimited visibility, North Carolina diving is as good as it gets anywhere in the world.

Hunting and spearfishing is allowed and encouraged, and we’ll be able to enjoy our catch cooked right on board, or bring some back for later. Saltwater fishing licenses must be obtained with all necessary permits for anyone wishing to hunt.

Please note, this is offshore, North Atlantic-style diving.  Each diver must have a dive computer, DSMB, and a finger spool or reel.  We highly recommend a Pony Bottle setup or Independent Alternate Air Source, as well as dive lights, to enhance your experience.  Also, divers are responsible for their own tanks, weights and fills.  Rental options are available.  We recommend using 30% EAn, so if you don’t have your Nitrox certification, this trip is a perfect opportunity to earn it!   

Every adventure with Indian Valley Travel and Indian Valley Scuba is designed to benefit the communities we visit. For our North Carolina-based trips, we support the Eastern Carolina Artificial Reef Association.  Individuals are encouraged to learn how to become more involved by checking them out at www.carolinareefs.org


  • 1 days/1 nights accommodations
  • One 3-tank trip (Thursday)
  • On-board dive mentoring from experienced NC wreck diving instructors
  • Knowledgeable crew providing thorough dive site briefings and surface support
  • Stylin’ IVS T-Shirt

Downloadable Trip Flyer: North Carolina – Blackbeards – Oct 21-22, 2020


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