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Palau Aggressor II Yacht

                   Another Amazing Indian Valley Scuba Adventure!

The Palau Aggressor II ship is 106-™ long with a 30 ft. beam, built and powered for comfort, safety, and stability. It has a beautiful spacious salon, 50-™ of sun deck with shading, chaise lounges and deck chairs, bar, grill, and a complete photo/video center. Diesel-powered, it cruises at 10 knots and has 110-volt power onboard. Sunday to Sunday with five days and one-half days of diving. Diving begins Monday morning and ends Saturday before lunch when the Aggressor returns to port. Monday through Friday there are four dives offered each day and a night dive on three evenings. Saturday a half-day of diving is offered.

The Vessel

Comfortable accommodations for 18 guests include 9 spacious cabins, 8 deluxe which have a queen and single bunk, a private head and shower, and one double cabin (#9) with a full and single bunk, private head, and shower. Cabin #9 is located on the dive deck level. Each stateroom has extra storage and individual climate controls. The onboard video format is both NTSC and PAL. They have a safe aboard to store valuables such as passports, cash, credit cards, or anything else you would like to store. Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

All dives during our Palau liveaboard scuba diving vacations are made from the 18-passenger dive skiff, which is lowered into the water by a hydraulic cradle.

  • Length: 106 ft.
  • Beam: 30
  • Passengers: 18
  • Staterooms: 9
  • Staff: 6
  • Boarding: Sunday 4 pm
  • Check out: Sunday 8 am

Nightly Entertainment

There is a variety of nightly entertainment, including diving, fish identification presentations, movies, games, and more. If you have a favorite movie, digital presentation, or video to share, we encourage you to bring it along. The crew especially loves new releases of movies, recent magazines, and books. A small library of books for exchange is maintained onboard as well as fish identification books for reference.

Fine Dining

The menu onboard is varied and plentiful, with a variety of American feasts, barbecues, and local cuisine. If you have any special dietary requirements, please be sure these are noted when completing the GIS. You will awaken to fresh fruits, hot entrees, cereals, and juices. Lunches are buffet-style, featuring hot soups, homemade breads, salads, and sandwiches, and/or entrees. Dinners are chef-prepared and served each evening and include salads,

vegetables, seafood, beef, or chicken with a fresh homemade dessert. Once onboard, please speak to the chef about any special needs. Certain special dietary and beverage requests may not be available due to the remote nature of this location.

The Aggressor-™s beverage selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, coffee, and a limited selection of local beer and wine, which are complimentary. Due to the high duty charged on liquor, we suggest you bring your special brand from the U.S. Drinking and diving do not mix. Once you consume alcohol, you become a snorkeler until the next day.

Top Dive Sites of Palau

Big Drop-Off

A wall dive that begins as shallow as 2-² at low tide and drops to 600-². It is considered by most to be the most beautiful wall dive in Palau because of its abundance of hard and soft corals, sea fans, schools of pyramid butterflyfish, and a multitude of tropical reef fish.

Blue Corner

The best-known and most highly rated dive site in Micronesia features a shallow coral shelf that projects out into the ocean and has vertical walls on both sides. An upwelling created by the currents attracts schools of fish and large pelagics to the top edges of the walls. The dive is best known for its schools of gray reef sharks that

cruise the edge of the wall. Two resident Napoleon wrasses often accompany the divers throughout their dive. Dogtooth tuna, eagle rays, manta rays, white tip and hammerhead sharks, turtles, schooling barracudas, and schools of reef fish populate the site.

Blue Holes

This is a series of four large holes in the top of the reef that converge to form a gigantic underwater chamber. The chamber has a huge opening on a wall that is home to soft corals, sea fans, sea whips, and hard corals. Large pelagics often encountered here include tuna, jacks, gray and white tip reef sharks, barracuda, and eagle rays. Grouper, Napoleon wrasse, triggerfish, Moorish idols, butterflyfish, anemones, and turtles are common at this site, which is situated next to Blue Corner.

Chandelier Caves

A short swim through a tunnel at depth of 35-² opens into a cave consisting of three chambers. Beautiful stalactites formed by water dripping down through the rock island above, hang from the ceilings and give the caves their name. Tiny holes to the outside wood allow fresh air to enter the chambers so that divers can surface and admire the beautiful surroundings.

Denges Passage

This natural channel, situated on Palau-™s eastern coast, is home to an entire family of cuttlefish. The uncommon creatures, related to the squid family, are as accommodating to photographers as they are rare. They are not often encountered by divers because of the relatively few locations in the world where they can be found, their ability to remain relatively motionless, and their excellent camouflage.

German Channel

This man-made channel through the southwest side of the barrier reef is home to two diving areas. One site, known as Manta Rock, is a natural cleaning station where giant manta rays come to have their bodies cleansed of parasites and debris by cleaner wrasses. Gray reef sharks also often avail themselves of the wrasses-™ services. The area is also inhabited by barracudas, snappers, titan triggerfish, gobies, lionfish, leaffish, and an octopus. Nearby is a coral garden that features crocodile fish, nudibranchs, flatworms, anemones and clownfish.

New Drop-Off

Halfway between Blue Corner and Big Drop-Off, this vertical wall is similar to Blue Corner in that it is a shallow shelf that juts out into the ocean, catching the current and creating an upwelling that attracts schools of pyramid butterflyfish and barracudas, along with a number of gray reef sharks. The steep wall is covered with soft corals and sea fans.

Ngedebus Coral Gardens

One of the best collections of hard corals in the Pacific, this dive features a spur and groove reef structure that supports turtles, cuttlefish, anemones, tridacna clams, white tip reef sharks, and thousands of small schooling fish.


The island of Ngerchong, just beyond Denges Passage has two dive sites nearby: Ngerchong Outside and Ngerchong Coral Gardens. Ngerchong Outside is a sloping wall dive featuring sea fans, anemones, soft corals and many hard coral formations. Sharks, bumphead parrotfish, and schooling fish are frequently seen here, as well as an occasional manta ray. The Coral Gardens, also known as Ngerchong Inside, is probably the best dive in Palau for seeing an abundance and variety of hard corals. Table coral, staghorn coral, elkhorn coral, mushroom coral, and brain coral are just some of the varieties of corals found here. In addition, many anemones with clownfish, along with cuttlefish, turtles, and other fish thrive here. This dive can be enjoyed at any depth between 10-² and 80-².


The island of Peleliu, at the southern tip of the main archipelago of Palau, is bordered by magnificent walls. The dive sites include Peleliu Corner, Yellow Wall, and Orange Beach, among others. Peleliu dive sites are mainly steep walls covered with sea fans, sea whips, hard corals, and anemones, but dominated by soft corals. Peleliu is an excellent place to observe large pelagic life, particularly sharks.

Short Drop-Off

A sloping wall just outside the entrance to Koror Harbor is covered with giant sea fans. The top of the wall is a beautiful coral garden loaded with tropical fish and invertebrates.

Siaes Tunnel

An extraordinary deep dive on the west side of Palau, close to the Ulong Channel. The dive begins on a sheer wall with the opening of the tunnel starting at 70-². You enter through an opening, which is about 50-² across and 20-² high, and swim through the tunnel, which parallels the wall for 150-². The inside of the tunnel is a large cavern with a ceiling at 80-90-² and a floor at 120-130-². Halfway through the tunnel is a -œWindow- in the wall that looks out onto the deep blue. You exit through a large opening on the wall at 80-². Stingrays, turtles, schools of jacks, and sharks can be seen in and around the tunnel.

Ulong Channel

This channel is located on the west side of Palau, close to the Siaes Tunnel and Wall. Its entrance is surrounded by walls that are topped by beautiful coral gardens. On the incoming tide, the mouth of the channel is filled with gray reef sharks. The channel extends for a distance of approximately one-half mile, averaging 100-² in width. The maximum depth is about 60-². Coral-covered walls run the length of the channel on either side. A shallow ridge running the center of the channel is blanketed with soft corals, hard corals, sea fans, and anemones. Unique to this site is a huge patch of plate coral resembling lettuce leaves that is home to schools of squirrelfish, soldierfish, and glasseyes. The current provides a gentle push, resulting in a beautiful, leisurely ride along the channel.

Wonder Channel

Located within the rock islands just a short distance from Jellyfish Lake and Clam City, this channel is best dived on the east side along a wall that starts at the surface and reaches a depth of 80-². Soft corals, sea fans, anemones, blue and red starfish, crown of thorns starfish, crabs, pipefish, and a large variety of sea slugs, flatworms and nudibranchs can be found along this wall.

Wreck of the Iro Maru

A 145-² long merchant ship sunk during World War II by American bombers, the Iro Maru sits upright in 120-² of water just 10 minutes south of Koror. Three mast and gun turrets at the bow and stern support a large variety of invertebrates and hard corals. The main deck is at a depth of 80-™with open holds containing oil drums and machinery.

Package Pricing


Save $500 if you book by September 15th, 2021

Charter Price $3795 (includes all-inclusive liveaboard charter and one nights stay on Koror Island before departing for home – BOOK TODAY and SAVE $500)

Based on Double Occupancy, Airfare not included

The Aggressor-™s beverage selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, coffee, and a limited selection of local beer and wine, which are complimentary. Due to the high duty charged on liquor, we suggest you bring your special brand from the U.S. 

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