3 Day/2 Night All-Wreck Rec/Tec Trip

Visit America’s northern version of the -˜Graveyard of the Atlantic-™, the St. Lawrence Seaway. Forming the border between the U.S. and our friends in the Great White North, this river has been flowing, and capturing ships, since man started canoeing on it hundreds of years ago.  This trip is an IVS-exclusive, with a full day of boat diving on our choice of wrecks Saturday, and a leisurely day of shore diving on Sunday.  Perfect for recreational as well as technical divers, the wrecks are in pristine shape, the water runs clear, and the temperature invites you to maximize your bottom time.   No one loves to dive like IVS, and there-™s no diving that compares for convenience and comfort like the St. Lawrence Seaway in the summer!

Our accommodations are at one of the local privately-owned and operated hotels that line the shores of the Seaway.  Rooms are double occupancy and located within walking distance of downtown. 


The St. Lawrence Seaway offers a very unique diving experience, with the plethora of shipwrecks to choose from, the ease of entry and exit from our drop-bow boat, brisk currents, mild temperatures, and best of all, the condition of the wrecks.  Due to a lack of wood-boring worms, the older wrecks sit as they sunk – pretty darn awesome.  IVS’s trip leader will guide and brief our divers on each wreck site, and while our dives will be within recreational limits, it is best to have, or be completing, your Advanced Open Water diver rating or better for this adventure.  We don-™t have guides to monitor your air or carry your gear, but these aspects only enhance the opportunity to become a better diver, and to truly embrace the sense of adventure that is St. Lawrence Seaway wreck diving.

And while we enjoy our rides on the river, the scenery is utterly amazing, with thousands of small islands dotting the waterway, all sorts of cool architectural takes on housing to enjoy, lots of photo opportunities above and below the water, and we often will stop at a waterside restaurant for lunch to add to the uniqueness of this trip.


Every adventure with Indian Valley Travel and Indian Valley Scuba is designed to benefit the communities we visit. For our St. Lawrence Seaway-based trips, we support the Ontario Shipwreck Preservation Association.  Individuals are encouraged to learn how to become more involved by checking them out at www.saveontarioshipwrecks.ca 


  • 3 days/2 nights accommodations, dbl occ
  • One all-day charter, 3-tank trip (Saturday)
  • Unlimited shore diving (Sunday)
  • On-board dive mentoring from experienced IVS trip leader
  • Knowledgeable crew providing thorough dive site briefings and surface support
  • Stylin’ IVS T-Shirt

Downloadable Trip Flyer: St. Lawrence Seaway – Sept 2020


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