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Tec 300 Technical Diver


IVS's Tec 300 is the third step in technical diving and completes your training and preparation as a true entry level technical diver. The key here, as in all levels of diving, is that you have acquired the knowledge, rudimentary skills, and initial practical applications to allow you to safely plan and execute your next technical dives. Diving outside of the limits of recreational diving is an evolutionary process, and each dive should build on what has been learned in the dives already completed. Equipment configurations should evolve, switch slow, careful, calculated changes and updates, as you discover what works best for you, on a particular dive, or under a certain set of conditions. There is no "one size fits all" - and the ability to manage this decision-making process as part of your dive planning is a true testament to how seriously you have taken your training to date.
Technical diving allows divers to explore beyond the traditional limits of recreational diving. Technical divers learn how to use advanced equipment and techniques to extend their bottom time and depth limits. Since this type of diving is beyond the recreational limits, it can be unforgiving and requires additional training, equipment, and dedication. Tec 300 draws on the knowledge that you learned in previous technical training courses allowing you to further extending you maximum depth and decompression time. After certification you will be able to make planned decompression dives to 165 feet/50 meters using two gases, nitrox/EANx and 100 percent oxygen, to make your decompression more conservative and add increased safety to your overall dive planning. This program encompasses PADI Tec 50 and TDI Extended Range Diver, with the option of incorporating Helium in the bottom gas blends.

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