6 Day/5 Night Rec/Tec Trip on the world’s largest artificial reef!

The ocean is vast, and so are the opportunities to dive and explore beneath the waves.  Lot’s of us love shipwrecks, and if you like large shipwrecks, then you can’t get one bigger than the USS Oriskany!  At almost 1,000 feet long and 140 feet tall, this former US Navy aircraft carrier offers divers the chance to explore it on both a recreational and technical level.  Plus we’ll visit other offshore wrecks, an inland cavern, and more! 

Our accommodations are at one of the local hotels in the Pensacola area.  Rooms are double occupancy and conveniently located near many of the area’s attractions. 


The Gulf of Mexico deepens at a relaxed pace as you leave the shoreline.  As a result, in order to not create a hazard to other ships sailing in the area, they had to go 24 miles offshore to get a site deep enough to sink this huge shipwreck.  Sitting in 215 feet of water, you can dive it as shallow as 805 feet, or as deep as the sand.  The best dives are somewhere in between, and it’s a perfect dive for technical divers of every level. 

We have two days of diving planned on the Oriskany, another day on mid-shore wrecks, and finally, a day at Vortex Springs, enjoying some amazing caverns and swim-throughs found there.  Plus a chance to swim with a huge school of eels! 

Perfect for recreational and technical divers, this trip is checkmark on any divers bucket list! 


Every adventure with Indian Valley Travel and Indian Valley Scuba is designed to benefit the communities we visit. For our Pensacola area trips, we support the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge.  A donation will be made on behalf of each of our participants on this trip.  Individuals are encouraged to learn how to become more involved by checking them out at www.emeraldcoastwildliferefuge.org/emerald-coast-wildlife-refuge/the-stranding-center/ 


  • 6 days/5 nights accommodations, dbl occ
  • Four days of diving
  • On-board dive mentoring from experienced IVS trip leader
  • Knowledgeable crew providing thorough dive site briefings and surface support
  • Stylin’ IVS T-Shirt

Downloadable Trip Flyer: Florida – Oriskany -Vortex Springs 2020


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