4 Day/3 Night All-Tooth Trip

Venice Beach, FL, is a wonderful place that many seniors migrate to for their later years.  Funny thing though, is that millions of years ago, Venice Beach was popular with Megalodon Sharks, who also came to enjoy their senior years there!  And thankfully, over the passing of time, we are able to visit the final resting places of these massive fish, and hopefully recover some of their equally-massive teeth! 

We are diving with Aquanutz,  probably the best shark tooth diving operator in the area.  Our lodging will be at the Marriott – Venice Beach, where we’ll be strategically located to explore and enjoy all that this great town has to offer.  The accommodations are first-class, with each room having a queen-size bed, sleeper sofa, full kitchen, and bath, plus a great pool, perfect for socializing, appetizers, and a decompression drink after a long day of diving!


The Gulf of Mexico is a wonderful place to dive and snorkel, and the topography lends itself to long stretches of shallow water as you head out.  Which is also why it’s such a perfect place to hunt for sharks teeth!  Our depths will be in the 30 foot range, and our bottom times in the 90 minute range too.  Visibility is fair, generally nothing to brag about, but our field of focus is right in front of us as we root through the sand in search of atrophy teeth!

Every adventure with Indian Valley Travel and Indian Valley Scuba is designed to benefit the communities we visit. For our Nature Coast – area trips, we support the Save the Manatee Foundation. A donation will be made on behalf of our travelers to help this great cause.  Individuals are encouraged to learn how to become more involved by checking them out at www.savethemanatee.org


  • 4 days/3 nights accommodations
  • Two 3-tank trips
  • On-board dive mentoring from experienced Meg Tooth hunter/captain
  • Knowledgeable crew providing thorough dive site briefings and surface support
  • Stylin’ IVS T-Shirt

Downloadable Trip Flyer:


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