Dive, dive, dive – it’s what we do! The gang at Indian Valley Scuba dives year round, in all sorts of water – warm, cold, clear, dark, shallow, deep, fresh, salt – just pick your favorite flavor! Listed below are the local and regional trips we have set up for 2009.

From dark & cold wrecks off the New Jersey coast, to local lakes, quarries & rivers, see which ones you want to join us on and call the shop to sign up! This is diving on a budget for sure, and a great way to get wet with your friends all season long!

Here’s where we plan to be this season:

Local Wreck Diving

Local wreck diving –  we’ll be there on the Wednesdays listed below to dive deep and dark off the Atlantic coast.

We dive all summer! Call the shop if you are interested in joining us.

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