Imagine yourself weightless, like an astronaut, underwater doing sommersaults, handstands and swimming through hoolahoops. This is how your child can feel having a scuba experience at their next birthday party. Your child and their friends can jump in the Y’s indoor heated pool, put on a scuba unit and blow bubbles with one of our trained professionals! Bubblemaker parties are a great way for the young (minimum age 8 years) and the young-at-heart (no maximum age limit) to celebrate a birthday, special occasion or just try a new activity. You can reserve time to enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling in the YMCA’s pool.

The Birthday Party Scuba Experience includes instruction and introduction to scuba diving by trained professionals, reserved pool, and equipment use. Up to four participants may be in the pool using scuba at any time, and the rest will enjoy swimming and having fun while they wait their turns to get under the water!

What happens during a Scuba Birthday Party?

The instructor will collect the release forms and medical waivers from each participant. After watching a short informational video (7 minutes) and reviewing safety information, the participants will be fit in masks and fins. All of the scuba gear is assembled prior to the party to maximize your pool time.

With an attentive group, the presentation and fitting usually take about 15-20 minutes depending upon the size of the party. The presentation and fitting are part of the scuba experience and are, therefore, included in your party time.

Once in the water, the instructor will make all of the necessary adjustments for the participants, teach the participants some scuba skills, and then allow them to explore the under water world. We can customize parties to suit your needs.

Each participant (or their parent/guardian) will need to complete and sign a Discover Scuba Waiver and Medical History Form prior to participation.

If a “YES” is checked for any medical question, a separate waiver must be signed by a physician. Medical waivers will be provided upon request. Participants on scuba units are limited to 4 to 6 at a time.

However, we do allow other participants to snorkel and swim at the same time.

To arrange a scuba experience for your next YMCA pool birthday party, contact us!

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