Going above and beyond standards is what makes us different, and our Open Water Divers truly earn their certifications as well trained, comfortable and confident divers with the skills and knowledge to safely plan and execute dives within their level of certification.

Our all-inclusive course provides you with your own equipment, a minimum of six open water checkout dives, and two PADI Specialty Certifications: Peak Performance Buoyancy, and Coral Reef Conservation.

IVS is the place to learn to dive!!

PADI Open Water +PLUS!

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Indian Valley Scuba prides itself on being the 'Deliberately Different' dive center, and our IVS-exclusive Open Water +Plus! program exemplifies that in every way. From including everything required, from textbooks, their own personal gear, instructor-supervised checkout dives, two specialty certifications, and all certification fees, you won't find any of that all too familiar "Oh, and you need to buy something else to finish" nonsense that is so prevalent in how many advertise their course prices. On top of that, in order to successfully complete our program, we require more checkout dives than anyone else (and 50% more dives than required by any training agency), as well as having our students finish the course by planning and leading their own final dives - another IVS-exclusive. Along the way, they also earn their Peak Performance Buoyancy and A.W.A.R.E. Coral Reef Conservation specialty certifications at the same time. No other dive center offers this level of training and thoroughness in each diver's personal development, and it works to achieve our goal, of preparing divers to be truly equipped mentally, physically and psychologically to be able to confidently and competently plan and execute a lifetime of amazing underwater adventures. No corner is cut in your development as a true diver and undersea explorer, and you'll definitely be proud to have earned your certification through Indian Valley Scuba. And as you travel and enjoy your awesome new sport, you'll find IVS divers in every ocean on our earth, enjoying reefs, wrecks, and everything else that the underwater world has to offer. An IVS diver can take pride in the fact that they truly earned their certification!

Program #


Course Fee


Certification Agency
  • PADI
  • SDI

Open Water Scuba Diver



Minimum Age


Materials Included in Course Fee


Required Student Materials/Equipment

The course fee includes an allowance for the student to select their own required personal equipment, such as their choice of mask, snorkel, fins and boots (if needed for the fins selected). Students are encouraged to purchase their complete kit, although, this is not required for this program, and IVS will provide all the gear required for the pool sessions at no additional cost to the student.

Required Administrative Items
  • Divers Medical Questionnaire
  • IVS Model Release
  • Open Water Team Teaching Tracking Form
  • PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk
  • PADI Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks Acknowledgment
  • RSTC Medical Statement
  • Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding
Classroom Sessions


Pool/Confined Sessions


Open Water Sessions

2 [Six Open Water Dives]

PADI Open Water +PLUS!

Exclusively offered at IVS, our PADI Open Water +Plus! program is based on the complete standard PADI open water diver certification program, and so much more. For the past twenty-some years, we have continued to evolve our program to be the industry’s leading diver training center in the Northeast US, and one of PADI’s top 5-Star Dive & Instructor Development Centers in the nation – and we’re located in Harleysville, not at a beachfront location! To ensure that divers truly emerge as great divers, with the skills, knowledge and experience for a lifetime of safe and wonderful diving, we’ve included two additional open water dives, both planned and led by the student-divers, plus the completion of PADI’s Peak Performance Buoyancy and A.W.A.R.E Coral Reef Conservation specialty certifications. An IVS diver can take pride in the fact that they truly earned their certification!

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