You learned to dive and now you know you want to learn more, whether it’s photography, or scooters, or diving in a dry suit – here is your chance to really expand your knowledge!

Solo Diver / Self-Reliant Diver


You are already a great diver, and you've come to recognize that the Buddy System is certainly not without flaws. Maybe you've just been paired with the dreaded 'Insta-Buddy' on the dive boat. Alternatively, perhaps you are an avid photographer, and sometimes you find yourself very 'focused' on getting that perfect shot....more focused than perhaps maintaining that constant contact with your dive buddy! Or perhaps they are a photographer too! And we've all been on the boat full of newbie divers, and the Divemaster who's charged with leading the herd says "You know what you're doing, see you back at the boat in 60 minutes." Bottom line is that we all should embrace the philosophy that Self-Rescue is Number One, and every diver should be prepared to rely first and foremost on themselves to avoid issues while diving, through training, proper dive planning, a heightened sense of situational awareness, and safe and sound execution of each dive. This is especially true when the chance of finding yourself alone in the water may arise, whether it is planned, or for reasons unknown, it has happened.

This course is designed to provide the foundation for every experienced diver to develop that sense of situational awareness, master the 'What If' game and have the correct answer to every scenario that one might encounter while otherwise enjoying another wonderful dive. What gear to select, what items of redundancy to address, what personal skills to master - are all key components of this great course.

Prerequisites are high, with Rescue Diver certification, a minimum of 100 logged dives, and the mental and physical maturity to ensure that the candidate is qualified to dive alone if the situation arises. This is also the perfect foundation course for any technical diver training, rebreather training, overhead environment (wreck or cave) training, and limited / no visibility diving as might be encountered in the realm of Public Safety diving.

Certification is earned, and certainly not guaranteed. Candidates must excel in every aspect of the program, and once they graduate. diving, and so many other aspects of life, will be seen in a whole new light. Ready for the challenge? Sign up today!

Program #


Course Fee


Certification Agency
  • PADI
  • SDI

SDI Solo Diver and/or PADI Self-Reliant Diver and/or IANTD Self-Sufficient Diver


Rescue Diver (any agency), 100 logged dives

Minimum Age


Materials Included in Course Fee


Required Student Materials/Equipment

SDI Solo DIver Manual
SDI Solo Diver Slate
Additional materials may be required for IANTD or PADI certification

Required Administrative Items
  • Divers Medical Questionnaire
  • IVS Advanced Diving Equipment for Advanced Diving Courses
  • IVS Model Release
  • PADI Continuing Education Administrative Document
  • PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk for Self Reliant Course
Classroom Sessions


Pool/Confined Sessions


Open Water Sessions

3 dives, one day

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